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Critical updates for Intel Wireless drivers

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Critical updates for Intel Wireless drivers

Beitragvon wouter_vd_berg » 10.08.2006 11:15

Sorry for this being in English, but it seems important nonetheless.
There's a critical (but not yet exploited) problem in some Intel chipsets, for example mine (Amilo M7400D the 2200BG) . There seems to be no driver update from Fujitsu itself, it's best to wait for that but there already is an Intel version.

The warnings on the f-secure blog about driver issue's with laptop manufacturers (IBM/Dell) programs lead me to wait for a FS version, or at least untill i finish some important work. If anyone does install the Intel version, pleas tell us how it went (I will do so too)

For more info (read all before installing!): ... 023065.htm ... l#00000938 ... l#00000940
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