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Buying XI 1546 from France

Wo sind bestimmte Notebooks am billigsten und welche Ausstattung ist enthalten?

Buying XI 1546 from France

Beitragvon Netuser » 29.08.2006 17:14


I would like to buy a Amilo 1546 from france, it is sold in France but it is more expensive and with only 1 year waranty, i saw some german site where it is cheap and with 2 year waranty.

Could you please adivise a serious website where i can buy it ?

Thanks alot for your help.

P.S : Sorry for double post, alsom posten in english forum but as iut dont seem to be very actiev so positng ehre too :oops:
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Beitragvon Pirate85 » 29.08.2006 17:32

Just take a look at this: Click

a good Friend bought the same Notebook there a few Days ago...Top Quality, top Service, Top Prices ;)

Regards, Martin

Beitragvon Netuser » 29.08.2006 17:42

Thanks sent them an email yesterday they did not replied yet :(

I think it is not posisble but anyway i ask, what about the language of system ? isi ti possible to choose ?

Also anyone can post a Picuture of the Keyboard so that i can see how it is comprae to french or english keyboard.

Thanks :)

Do you think Amio Xi 1546 is the best for gaming and performance , as the price is good, is there any otehr nootboke at same price ?
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Beitragvon Pirate85 » 29.08.2006 18:01

In Gaming the amilo is superior...WoW on Best Settings works with about 60fps stable...

i don´t know which Notebooks are comparable to the Xi 1546...just Google and find it out ;) Toshiba has some interessting Modells...

just look on wikipedia to find out whats different between keyboards...i don´t know yet - sry :(

regards Martin

Beitragvon Borkar » 29.08.2006 18:19

for English requests, please use the English section of the forum:

So I will close this thread. Please continue here,200,-P ... rance.html

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