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Bios Amilo D 7820

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Bios Amilo D 7820

Beitragvon xfader » 21.03.2005 17:10


I hope that it's allowed to post in English here but I really need help.
I'm the owner of a Amilo D 7820 and wanted to update the firmware in bios but by accident I used the wrong flash-image. (of a Amilo 7850)

I didn't got error while flashing and verifying was ok. But still wrong flash offcourse. Now the laptop wont boot at screen.

I there some way to fix this? Or does someone have a utility + connector to reflash the eprom? If you look on mobo you can attach a connector to it that probably can reflash the eprom next to it (FH2U).


Thanks in advance!

PS: Image of mobo:
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Beitragvon xfader » 22.03.2005 16:27

Answers / help can be done in german!
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Beitragvon Iche231 » 14.04.2005 12:26

and now your baseunit is damaged, because of this wrong flash now i think you have to change the Base or only the mainboard
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Beitragvon aspettl » 14.04.2005 13:01

Probably FSC support fixes this problem for free. You'll have to ask them.

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