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Save me!

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Save me!

Beitragvon adame » 31.03.2005 00:40

I've lost my amilo a1630 AC adapter in a motel :evil: , and I need someone to send it to me as quickly as possible, or give me the schema in order to make one myself!

I've got a kind of project to present in 2 weeks, actually, I've extracted the hard drive and using it in an ASUS, but it's not as powerfull as I'm used to.

I'm actually in Morocco, and there's no FSC resseller.. They don't even know if the a1630 exists.. so if anybody can help I'll be very very thinkfull!

You can mail me at :

P.S.: Never miss around with girls in motels and your amilo a1630, your mind will stand one at once..
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Beitragvon aspettl » 31.03.2005 09:44

You could use an ac adapter not from FSC. At the back of your notebook there is a label with informations on the needed ac adapter: 19V, xyz W or xyz Ah. Then there's only the problem of the correct plug (notebook - ac adapter).

Vor dem Erstellen neuer Themen bitte die Suchfunktion benutzen und Forenregeln lesen!
Bitte trage dein Notebook mit den technischen Daten im Profil ein.
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Beitragvon RoMiK » 31.03.2005 10:20

[zum Glück VERKAUFT] FSC Amilo 1425, 5 mal in Reparatur gewesen!
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Beitragvon adame » 31.03.2005 11:42

Yeah, for sure, I know that it needs 20V/8A, but the matter is how should I spread the power? because the plug has 4 head + the cylyndric one. If anyone had the same adapter, he could just calculate the amout in Volt and Amper that spread from head so I'll be able to make one by my self. A schema will be better.

If any one could send it to me right here, that would be perfect.

I tried on yahoo, google, and others to find the schema, but no way, there is nothing that helps. I'm kinda of desperated, because I need my a1630 back so bad..
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