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Amilo D 7820 Bios image

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Amilo D 7820 Bios image

Beitragvon ggg » 25.10.2007 08:55

Hi to all!

After upgraded to version A1F, this fujitsu Amilo D 7820 don't work.

I must downgrade the bios to a old version.

Someone has one? On the fujitsu site only A1F is present.

Please help me!

The problems introduced are:

- Battery level is always signed as unknown in windows
- The fans makes a noise too high
- In the summer, when external temperature is hot, the pc shuts down, thing that don't occours with older bios

Another question:

I see that exist on the market a Acer notebook (Aspire 1603) that has exact same hardware (mobo) of this fujitsu, i can try to flash with the acer bios? Or is a suicide?
Seems that acer bios has fix for power management...

Fine thanks!

PS: if someone has a older bios version, this can be extracted with bios flashing tool

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