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Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L1310 (g) best upgrade manual

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Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L1310 (g) best upgrade manual

Beitragvon luc831 » 21.02.2009 10:17

Hi all,

I was a little bit frustrated about my rather slow laptop, an Amilo L1310g. After this upgrade I was so satisfied. It works perfectly! It's fast, reliable, silent and the battery life did not decrease significantly. That's why I would like to share my experiences in upgrading the Amilo L1310g the good way.

First the setup before upgrading:

Intel Celeron M 370 (1.5 Ghz)
512 mb PC2100 (2x 256 mb)
Seagate Momentus 4200.2 80gb

The first step in upgrading was the memory. I wanted 1 gb. In my country, the Netherlands, in my opinion the prices for these memory upgrades were too high compared to the value of my laptop. After a long search I took the risk of buying OEM (Samsung/Hynix) memory from Ebay. I bought from the shop 'fastflashstore' which has a very good reputation. Because the price was so low, I decided to upgrade to 2 gb (2x 1gb) directly. At that time, 4 months ago, the price for 2 gb was around $50 incl. shipping! Make sure you buy PC2700 memory since this is the fastest the motherboard can handle. PC3200 will work as well but I've read some stories that it could cause instability.

After the succeeded memory upgrade there was the CPU. Now I have to admit the Celeron M isn't that bad. In fact, the only difference between the Celeron M and the Pentium M is the L2 cache which is 1mb for the Celeron M and 2mb for the Pentium M. But I had the chance to buy a very cheap Pentium M 725 1.6 Ghz cpu from a dutch website so I took the chance to see the difference in performance (and if it would work at all). I can tell you, it worked perfectly. The performance boost was more or less the same as the memory upgrade, I think both give an average 15-20% performance upgrade. Another advantage of the Pentium M is the ability to underclock it to 600 mhz when working with programs that require less. That'll reduce energy consumption and the annoyance of a rotating fan.

This was not enough for me so I went back to ebay to look for a faster CPU. The CPUs that will work are the M 725 (1.6), 735 (1.7), 745 (1.8 ), 755 (2.0), 765 (2.1) mPGA. Looking at the prices I realised that a M 765, the fastest CPU available for the L1310g, is not worth the money. These trade for around $120 on ebay. Even the M 755 was too expensive in my opinion, around $80, so I had decided to go for the reasonably priced M 745. I've paid something like $45 incl. shipping charges to the Netherlands. And I can tell you, the CPU works just perfect. Compared to the M 725 it gives me another 10% increase in performance.

After these upgrades I was quite satisfied. But one thing was still annoying me, the slow harddisk. I thought that the upgrade from 4200 rpm to 5400 rpm would'n be worth the difference so I started looking at 2.5" ATA 7200 rpm drives with at least 100 gb capacity. I can tell you, they are rare. There are still some available but the price is often high. So I started an investigation on the internet and found this:
This harddisk would beat any other 5200 rpm 2.5" ATA harddisk and even the 7200 rpm disks for such a low price! So I checked the prices on the web, drove to a cheap store and bought this fantastic 160gb harddrive for my laptop for only 50 euro! My HDtune results increased from max 24 mb/s to 65 mb/s! That's what I call an upgrade!

This last upgrade really completed my laptop. It's twice as fast is it was before the upgrades. The total price? A little bit more than a hundred euro's. I don't think you can buy another laptop for that ;)

So to summarize:

Intel Celeron M 370 -> Intel Pentium M 745 (1.8 Ghz) $45 = 30 eur

512 MB PC2100 (2x 256 mb) -> 2 gb PC2700 (2x 1gb) $55 = 35 eur

Seagate Momentus 4200.2 4200 rpm 80GB -> Samsung HM160HC 5200 RPM 160GB $70 = 50 eur?

Thank you for reading and good luck upgrading!


ps: If you have any additions you would like to add in this upgrade manual, feel free to post them. And sorry for my English if you think it's bad, it's not my native language ;)
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Re: Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L1310 (g) best upgrade manual

Beitragvon luc831 » 26.06.2010 00:49

I'm still very happy with the laptop! :D
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