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CPU Speed & Heat (Xa1526)

Beitragvon XyberBorg » 29.04.2009 21:30

Guten Abend,

Maybe you can help me out with these problems. (I have an Amillo Xa1526, TL-56 CPU)
:arrow: First of all, my CPU seems to be stuck at 793MHz. It's no use pressing the throttling button, it stays at 793Mhz.
Has it got to do with the following problem, is there any way to put it back to 1.8GHz??
:arrow: The following image shows a printscreen of SpeedFan with tempereratures up to 104*c.
What could be the cause for it?

When start the computer, the fan makes a lot of noise, i.e. spins very fast. When the computer is running, it won't spin so fast anymore, seems like it's always in 50% mode.


You can write back in german (it's just that my german writing is not that good, reading is no problem).

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Re: CPU Speed & Heat (Xa1526)  Thema ist gelöst

Beitragvon hikaru » 30.04.2009 10:21

For the frequency issue please see this sticky:,3469,-Warum-taktet-meine-CPU-nur-mit-600-1000-MHz.html
There is nothing wrong with it.

The CPU temperature looks strange. According to speedfan it is nearly idle. Given that, the temperatures of GPU and CPU are much too high. And the difference of 15°C between the cores is not normal under these circumstances.

I think your heatpipe is partially loose and you should not run your notebook until you fixed it.
You can use this thread as a rough orientation if you leave out the CPU exchange itself:,1749,-V2030-Processor-Upgrade-Tutorial.html

Some notebooks have a height difference between CPU and GPU that has to be bridged by either a thermal pad or a copper sheet of the right thickness (mostly 0.5-0.8mm). The copper sheet is harder to apply but much more effective.
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Re: CPU Speed & Heat (Xa1526)

Beitragvon XyberBorg » 01.05.2009 14:41

I cleaned up the inside (removed dust etc) and now everything seems to work fine.
Alse replaced the paste between CPU and heat pipe.

Now a new problem has been created:
- sound does not work anymore.

First, only the center (bass) speaker worked. Now, nothing works anymore.
Only a ticking sound from the right box.

Sound connector under the keyboard is connected.

Any solutions?
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Re: CPU Speed & Heat (Xa1526)

Beitragvon XyberBorg » 02.05.2009 21:22

Problem solved. After I took the laptop apart for clean-up, the sound wire which runs below the fan had been damaged. I've soldered the wire and now everything works again.
Temperatures now reach 80*c max. and the computer runs at 1.8GHz again.

Thanks for your help.
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