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Max memory in one peace for M1425?

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Max memory in one peace for M1425?

Beitragvon yacenty » 27.07.2005 07:45

sorry but my deutsch is very poor so i would like to speak in english.
I would like to buy new memory for my amilo M1425W. Best option I would like 2gb memory - is it possible?
Does anybody have 2*1GB?
Is the maximum ram i amio m1425w 2*512
thanks for your opinion.
Best regards
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Beitragvon aero » 20.02.2006 12:48

Hi yacenty,

the maximum for one slot is officially 512 MB, i.e. for 2 slots 1Gb.
But some users tested 1,25 GB in their M1425 and they haven't reported any malfunction. So there might be the possiblity to upgrade to 2Gb.
Here the thread, i hope u will understand at least a bit of it. :wink:,4879,m1425.html

Greetings, aero
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