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Oversensitive laptop > when touched, power goes off!

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Oversensitive laptop > when touched, power goes off!

Beitragvon zeroH » 20.07.2009 20:54


First of all: Sorry for my non-german post, I couldn't explain it in German and I am desperate.

This evening I noticed that when I touch my laptop Amilo 1437G, the power goes suddenly off! I mean... the powerbutton is still on, but the screen goes black and the music dies too. This sensitivity is the most at the monitorsection of the laptop (this isn't correct English, is it?;)). When i slightly touch the screen to put it a little back, it happens. Also when I move my laptop it happens.

So the screen is the weak part.

Does this sound familiar to any of you?
By the way, I almost never travel with my laptop but I did today. Nevertheless I was very careful...

Thanks in advance for your reaction.
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Re: Oversensitive laptop > when touched, power goes off!

Beitragvon siphon » 20.07.2009 22:03

I had the exact same experience with a different Uniwill barebone laptop once, namely the 259EN1, aka Alienware M5500, which I bought as a defective part from ebay.
It died mostly with a BSOD whenever you moved the display or it powered off.
Therefore I simply seperated the screen unit from the main body, properly reseated all the connector cables, and made sure that the grounding wires properly made contact with the respective metallic grounding plate on the main unit.
Then I put the entire thing together again and the problem never reoccured a single time. Strangely enough I couldn't really determine a faulty connection anywhere, but it seems to me as if some weird short circuit caused the machine to power off consistently.
Simply try the same. You might be lucky, too that like in my case there is not a really serious malfunction with the screen, but only a loose connection or a short circuit somewhere...
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