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li1718 Power Issues Thema ist gelöst

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li1718 Power Issues

Beitragvon greenwoo » 31.05.2013 18:04

Screen flashes all the time as well as the battery idicator switches betwen AC/Battery.
* Ihave 3 power adapters (2 original 1 toshiba with slightly more A, same plugs) tried all - PROBLEM STAYS
* Swapped the display matrix and invertor - PROBLEM STAYS
* BIOS Updates, OS Change ... didn't work PROBLEM STAYS

I have a spare mainboard for parts. Dont know if the problem is Motherboard or the power plug socket.
Any suggestions ?

PS. Dont think that this is a Chipset problem. Everything works fine and looks good from external VGA. :idea:
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Re: li1718 Power Issues  Thema ist gelöst

Beitragvon greenwoo » 11.06.2013 01:11

Problem solved. Contacts near the mainboard/display connector somehow got loosen + changed the power plug nest.
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