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[Amilo Li 2727] CPU and RAM upgrade

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[Amilo Li 2727] CPU and RAM upgrade

Beitragvon Tudy » 30.10.2013 10:14

Hi there! I have got Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 2727 whit these specs:

Product Name: LV1
Version: 1B

vendor: Phoenix Technologies LTD
version: V1.10
date: 05/21/2009

Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 540 @ 1.86GHz, 1M Cache, 533 MHz FSB installed on socket mPGA479M

1x 2GB SOD PC2-5300 CL5 Apacer [motherboard has 2 slots]

I am interested in upgrading my laptop.
So, is there any list of supported CPUs that will work on my motherboard or did anybody successfully upgrade CPU on this machine? I was thinking of Intel T5750 because I saw this CPU installed on Amilo Li 2735 which probably has the same motherboard so I assumed that this CPU should work fine... Is there any better CPU to upgrade?
And same question for RAM, how much RAM is supported for my laptop?

***Sorry for posting this on English, it is just because I'm bad at German.. if there is need I will try to translate this on German :) ***
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Re: [Amilo Li 2727] CPU and RAM upgrade

Beitragvon siphon » 05.11.2013 23:28

The laptop uses the Socket P ( topic,32592,-Li-2727-welcher-CPU-Sockel-Sockel-M-oder-P.html).
You can verify this via CPU-Z. The max. supported mobile Merom Core2Duo on this laptop is anybody's guess, I don't know for sure, but a T5750 and even the T5850 should work.
As far as Ram is concerned, my best guess would be 4GB, too.
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