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Amilo Xi 1526 with Geforce 7600Go failed ?

Darstellungsfehler, kein Bild auf dem Monitor, TV-Out,...

Amilo Xi 1526 with Geforce 7600Go failed ?

Beitragvon zita212 » 30.12.2014 13:25

Sorry for writing on this forum in English, but this is by far the most informed forum on Amilo Xi1526 and the best place to seek help. You can respond in any language you prefer. I can understand English and dutch and will use Google Translate for German.
My daughter had a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi 1526 laptop with T5500 1.66GHz CPU, 2x80GB HDD (in Raid-0), 1GB RAM and Nvidia Go 7600 MXM II videocard. Bios FSC 1.27 (latest)
Had used it for very simple games (not 3D) and for watching YouTube. Recently Santa bought her a Minecraft for PC license. She played that game on 25th December. On 26th December when she tried to power-on the Amilo it keeps rebooting every few seconds (when pressing the power button the leds light up the HDDs start spinning, the screen stays black, the computer does not complete POST, then after 2-3 seconds it powers down and up again in a loop) the only way to take it out of the loop is to remove the power and battery. I tried to clear the CMOS but the problem is still there. I think either the videocard or the mainboard are defective now.
My daughter is devastated. I'm looking to buy a MXM videocard to replace the Go7600, preferable one which is not that expensive and also a slower one which does not get very hot. What would you recommend me which will work on Amilo Xi 1526 (maybe after updating vbios)? Is there a chance a HP MXM II card to work, they seem cheaper than other cards available. How I can find out in advance if a specific model can be made to work on FSC Amilo Xi 1526 ?
I see a lot of info, although hard to pick the relevant information in my case:
For example someone said a Geforce 9300 will work cool and correctly on this laptop with some bios adjustments, but could not find which are those adjustements ?
Someone else said the FX770 will also work with drawbacks (such as the 30seconds delay at boot), but there are 2 versions of the card to chose from and only one work. How do I find which one will work ?
Added complication, my daughter was using the laptop under linux mint, but I'm willing to switch to Win 7 if neither Nuveau or the Nvidia closed source drivers will not work.
I several cases I saw cards which will not show anything on laptop screen until OS is completely booted. Unless this is solved, I would pick any other card, the priority is for the card to run as cool as possible, even if it has very low 3D performance.
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Re: Amilo Xi 1526 with Geforce 7600Go failed ?

Beitragvon siphon » 30.12.2014 22:06

The fault scenario you described pretty much confirms a fried GPU. The 7600 go is known for its high failure rate. In fact, I had one dying on me too, a couple of weeks ago, which
was also working in an Amilo XI 1526 at the time. For now, I replaced it with a spare Mobility X1800 which I also happened to have lying around in my stash :D

Performance-wise and as far as temperatures are concerned, the Nvidia Quadro FX 770M is still your best shot. It'll run perfectly fine after a V-Bios modification with full clocks
and no 30s start-up delay, great gaming performance and 1080p video ... Only drawback is that the DVI-port no longer will provide any digital output, as it will be recognized as a VGA output. You can still connect any TFT monitor or TV screen via DVI-to-VGA cable to the VGA-input of the screen, and the image quality will still be almost indistinguishable in quality at 1920x1080.

I'm planning on getting maybe two or three 770M cards for my own and a friend's repair needs in a couple of days, so if you want to spare yourself the work of modding and flashing the Bios,
I could order one extra and prepare the card for a plug-and-play replacement, and then ship it to you for no extra charge (besides shipping costs).
When installing the new card, make sure to use a copper shim of adequate size and thickness in combination with thermal compound as a replacement for the blue thermal pad for better heat conductivity.
1.5 x 1.5 cm and 0.1cm thick should be sufficient.

Linux drivers for the 770M are also no problem, I had a few of them running on various distros (Mint, Ubuntu, elementary os, LXLE...) on the most recent official drivers (I think 331.xx if I remember correctly) no problems whatsoever. If you are interested, send me a personal message.
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Re: Amilo Xi 1526 with Geforce 7600Go failed ?

Beitragvon zita212 » 02.01.2015 12:56

Thanks a lot for the info and your offer, Siphon. I am interested and sent you a PM about it.
One more question which you or someone else in the forum perhaps can answer:
Is there any possibility to run the Amilo Xi (with FSC latest Bios) temporary headless, without a videocard ?
I tried to remove the (faulty) videocard, replaced the cooler for the CPU, but the Amilo keeps in an infinite loop even without anything in the MXM slot.
The system had 2 x 80GB HDD in Raid-0, one partition was backed up on my FreeNas server, the other partition (NTFS) was not and it turns out my daughter had placed there a presentation she must give before the class in mid January about a book she read.
The only way I figured to get to it would be to start the Amilo headless and then try to RDP to it, but so far it does not seem it wants to boot without anything in the MXM slot.
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