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Crisys Tool: Does it work with an external keyboard ?

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Crisys Tool: Does it work with an external keyboard ?

Beitragvon zita212 » 16.03.2015 12:34

Dear Friends,

I have an Amilo Xi 1526 with a failed motherboard (in the power circuitry).
I found and bought a new motherboard for Amilo Pi 1556, which I figured is almost identical to the motherboard of Amilo Xi 1526.
Indeed, the only differences seem to be
- missing connector for the second HDD
- missing connector with 4 contacts for (I think) the NumKeypad part of the keyboard (Amilo Pi does not have a NumKeypad part)
- missing VIA VT Raid chip.
When I power on the motheroard it says is a Amilo Pi 1556 with Bios 1.26 and KB firmware 1.19.
In contrast my failed Amilo Xi 1526 had 1.27 Bios and 1.21 KB firmware.
The problem is that the internal keyboard does not work properly, only a few keys seem to trigger a response and generally send a completely different character than expected.
I have no problem with the NumKeypad not working but I thought the rest of the keyboard would work. Reading through the posts it appears others also experienced similar problems due to buggy KB controller firmware. I would like to update KB firmware to 1.21 (along with the Bios to the latest FSC version, but was unable to do so.
I tried using an USB external keyboard and CD-ROMS with latest firmware for both Pi 1556 and Xi 1526, in both cases I get a message that the firmware is for a different model.
I also tried using the crisys USB stick but the key sequence Ctrl Home seems to be ignored when I press is on an external keyboard (and those keys do not work on the internal keyboard).
This is to ask if anyone can confirm Crysis working on Amilo Pi or Amilo Xi when using an external keyboard ?
Any other solution to get out of this predicament ?
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