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Amilo Li3710 CPU

Beitragvon datagram » 23.06.2017 08:42


I have an Amilo Li3710 notebook. It has Intel Pentium Dual Core T4300 processor (2.1 GHz, 800 MHz). The motherboard for Amilo Li3710 is DA0EF7MB6D1 REV:D (QUANTA). I would like to learn the fastest compatible Intel CPU for this motherboard. Would you please inform me?
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Re: Amilo Li3710 CPU  Thema ist gelöst

Beitragvon hikaru » 27.06.2017 11:15

The fastest CPU that should be compatible with the Li 3710 is the T9500. I'm not sure though if you would be able to use the CPU's full potential.
Both CPUs have the same FSB clock speed. The T4300 uses a multiplier of 10.5x while the T9500 uses 13x, hence the difference in total clock speed (2.1 vs. 2.6 GHz).
It remains to be seen whether the Li 3710's BIOS can actually make use of this higher multiplier. If it can't, then you'll be stuck with a lower clock speed.

Bear in mind, that by today's standards both CPUs would be considered slow. Also in single-thread situations the performance gain of the T9500 over the T4300 would only be 20%.
So unless you have a scenario in which the small gain would be crucial or you're doing it just for the fun of upgrading I wouldn't recommend it.
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Re: Amilo Li3710 CPU

Beitragvon datagram » 01.07.2017 11:37

Sir, thank you very much for this clarification.
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