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Amilo 1425 - Bildschirm spezifikationen

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Amilo 1425 - Bildschirm spezifikationen

Beitragvon Rainer Veldhuis » 15.01.2005 21:56

Hallo, I am considering to buy an Amilo 1425 (M755). But before I actually do this, I would like to know the quality of the display. In this forum I could only find data for the response time (31 ms), but no data for clarity, contrast and viewing angle.
If you can provide these data, it will be appreciated very mutch. Your message in German will be understood.
Many thanks and best regards, Rainer
Rainer Veldhuis
Rainer Veldhuis
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Beitragvon aspettl » 16.01.2005 11:36

Hallo Rainer

I have the M1420 and I don't know for sure whether the M1425/M7425 has the same display or not. (My display is a Samsung says a label at the back.)
The response time is OK. I think clarity is good, but I didn't have another TFT before. Contrast: broad sunlight and you can't see anything :-(
Viewing angle: From left or right the angle is very good, but if you move your head up or down (only a little) there are big differences. That's annoying.
According to other users most notebooks in this price class don't have a better display.

Vor dem Erstellen neuer Themen bitte die Suchfunktion benutzen und Forenregeln lesen!
Bitte trage dein Notebook mit den technischen Daten im Profil ein.
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Beitragvon SofaSurfer » 16.01.2005 15:21


I don't actually have this notebook and I can't provide exact data but I have seen the display 3 times now at different stores. Of course I can't tell if it's a winner in the long run but at first glance I like the display of the Amilo 1424/1425 a lot (compared it to the Toshiba M30x-124 and the BenQ Joybook 7000).

I was impressed with the sharpness and brightness is good as well. The display is uniformly lit (tested with a black fullscreen image) and response time should be sufficiant for most 3D games (I had a look at 3DMark 2001).

As Aaron said before the horizontal viewing angle is quite good but the vertical viewing angle affects brightness noticably. That said I find the viewing angle of Toshiba and esp. the BenQ to be more critical.

Overall I consider the Amilo's display to be a worthy component for a notebook of this class. I'm more concerned about the quality of the keyboard though.

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