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A1667G screen problem

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A1667G screen problem

Beitragvon antonantal » 02.12.2005 16:58

I just noticed another problem with my 1 month old laptop. When I close/open the lid of my laptop there can be seen some waves at the side edges of the screen at about 1/3 of the height. It also happens if the screen is put to any minor vibrations. It is only noticeable on a medium-dark background color like the fujitsu-siemens wallpaper. I know that this happens probably because the screen on the new Amilo A1667g is very thin, but I would like to know if any one of you who has a A1667g or another laptop has this problem. I want to know if this occurs to all the laptops of this model or my laptop is buggy an I should report this to the service.
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