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Upgrade RAM AMILO D 1840w

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Upgrade RAM AMILO D 1840w

Beitragvon thirdeye » 12.03.2006 18:55


I have a notebook AMILO D 1840w with 512 MB of RAM and I would like to upgrade it up to 1 GB. I dont know how many slots I have and which RAM I should buy (2 x 512 or only 1 x 512?).
Can somebody help me?

Vielen Danke :D :D
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Beitragvon PappaBaer » 12.03.2006 23:40

You've got two slots.

If at the moment there is only one 512MB module plugged in you can buy another 512MB module. If there are already both slots occupied (2x 256MB) you have two buy two new 512MB modules to get the sum of 1024MB.
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Beitragvon thirdeye » 13.03.2006 00:58

Thanx pappabaer,
but how can i know if i got one or two slots occupied? And what kind of ram should I buy exactly?
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Beitragvon -TiLT- » 13.03.2006 02:04

The SPD-Section of "cpu-z" will tell you if there is only one bank occupied. But be aware of a bug that sometimes says that you have four banks. You defenitely have only two. If there are two banks occupied, cpu-z will register Ram on bank one and three.

Edit: To be sure, you can as well open your notebook and look up which type of ram is placed in. There is no loss of warranty by doing that.
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