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Amilo M6450G - blaue bildschirm fehler?

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Amilo M6450G - blaue bildschirm fehler?

Beitragvon aquajava » 25.05.2006 00:59


Sorry for writing in english, but it is faster for me, however you can reply in German, I can understand it as well.
I have just bought an M6450G, and it really rocks, however one time, the display turned to blue. Only firefox was running, I was just browsing. And it didn't freeze, just the screen became full blue. Finally I pressed the Power key, and Windows gracefully shut down the computer (no direct turn off).
When I start again it was ok, so I have updated display drivers to the newest, because the driver CD provided only older drivers (2005/07).

Did anyone came across this problem yet?
(Since the new driver is installed I don't notice this problem, so I hope the driver did this annoying bug)

M6450G has: Intel 82915GM Graphics Controller VGA card

Best Regards,
and thanks for replies in advance,
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