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amilo 1437 cpu trouble

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amilo 1437 cpu trouble

Beitragvon IL_ya » 01.07.2006 15:28

Help me please with my amilo 1437g!
The problem is that after about a 9 month of usage I found that its cpu frequency is only 800 MHz but not 1,86 GHz (it was such till that summer).
Pressing "cool" button it falls down to 633 Mhz... :((
This problem is on both win xp home and win xp pro.
Who can help, please tell me... Thanks
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Beitragvon aspettl » 01.07.2006 15:43

First, you should use the English forum. There are several people which check the English forum regularly, so questions will be answered there, too. (Even if it appears that there aren't many users there ;-))

Regarding your question, see,13,-Wh ... 0-MHz.html

If there are more questions, please create a new topic in the English forum and post here a link to the new thread.

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